GI_Forum 2012:

Hussein M. Abdulmuttalib Quality Aspects of Cadastral GIS Data with an Environmental Insight
Alejandro Bascolo GIS Education @ University as seed of Projects to help local Government Management
Sarah Bräuning, Karl-Heinrich Anders, Martina Klärle, Gernot Paulus A new approach to derive solar potential maps based on photogrammetric airborne image analysis and sealed surface run-off data
Jiri Cajthaml, Jakub Havlicek Old map series and their georeferencing for environmental GIS applications
Margaret Cargo, Peter Lekkas, Neil Coffee, Catherine Paquet, Elizabeth McDonald, Ross Bailee, Mark Daniel , Alex Brown, Natasha Howard Exploring whether geo-political spaces are Indigenous peoples’ places: A postcolonial research paradigm to explore Indigenous peoples’ sense of place and inform a place-health research agenda
Alexandros George Charalambides, Constantia Achilleos, Andreas Damalas Development of a Geo-spatial Environmental and Decision Support System for Incident Management and Impact Analysis(EKTIMISIS)
Christopher Chavis, Karl-Heinrich Anders, Gernot Paulus Generating 3D Surfaces from Low Altitude, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
Alejandro Diego Crojethovich, Rubén Lombardo Berchessi, Carlos Ruggerio Landscapes of sustainability
Mark Daniel, Yan Kestens, Catherine Paquet, Torbjorn van Heeswijck Using individual activity spaces derived from survey data to assess relationships between built environment exposures and active transportation
Virginia Fernández, Andrés Caffaro, Gustavo Fava, Andrés García SÍGNEO, an application software in support to fight forest fires
Stella Ferreira, Antônio Guerra The use of geotechnologies as a support to protected areas management : case study of Macaé de Cima Protected Area, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
Jennifer Fu Transportation Outreach Planner -- an Integrated Geo-spatial Web Tool for Assisted Decision-making in Community Outreach
Simon Gröchenig, Hartwig Hochmair, Gernot Paulus, Karl Rehrl Use of Spatial and Temporal Editing Patterns for the Evaluation of OpenStreetMap data
Mark Hall, Paul Clough, Mark Stevenson Creating Naturalistic Virtual Maps for Exploring Digital Libraries
Francis Harvey, Len Kne U-Spatial: Supporting the Spatial Sciences at the University of Minnesota
Bartosz Hawelka, Thomas Lampoltshammer, Peter Ranacher, Izabela Sitko @Twitter Tourism
Timothy Joyner, Carol Friedland, Robert Rohli, Anna Trevino Optimizing Peak Gust and Maximum Sustained Wind Speed Estimates for European Wind Storms
Shishay Kidanu, Solomon Gebresilassie GIS-Based geotechnical microzonation mapping using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), a case study in Shire-Endasilasie city, Tigray, Ethiopia
Bernhard Kosar, Karl-Heinrich Anders, Christoph Erlacher, Gernot Paulus Development of a Community-based Energy WebGIS Portal
Ourania Kounadi, Thomas Lampoltshammer Performance efficiency versus privacy protection in reverse geocoding
Katthy López, Georgio De La Torre, Miguel Gonzalez Background morphology of rivers of Ecuador from topography relieved with multihaz and side scan sonnar.
Joan Maina, Karl-Heinrich Anders, Bronner Günter, Gernot Paulus Hybrid Raster Analysis workflows based on Spatial Database Technology for Forestry Applications
EL JANATI M`hamed, Soulaimani Abderahmane, Admou Hassan Applied ASTER remote sensing and GIS: a combined tool to map proterozoic outcrops recognising Iguerda-Tayfast inlier (Central Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Carlos Pascual, Hassam Babiker Geoinformatics-Based Mapping of Cultural Heritage of Sudan: Initiatives and Challenges of the Future University
Gernot Paulus, Karl-Heinrich Anders, Erich Hartlieb, Markus Robnik Development and Implementation of a Quality Management System for Unmanned Aerial Systems
Christian Robin, Victor Manuel Garcia Barrios, Erich Hartlieb Business Development based on Indoor Navigation Products for Industrial Buildings
Magdalena Rupprechter, Gösta Hoffmann, Christoph Mayrhofer Coast Indentation Index - a tool for quantifying different expressions of Oman´s coastline.
Filippo Vecchiotti, Arben Koçiu, Nils Tilch, Edmund Winkler PANGEO project and the future exploitation of the ESA Radar SAR archive in Austria
Ullrich von Bramann, Antje Schwalb, Stephan van Gasselt GIS-Integrated Species Distribution Modelling - Challenges of Habitat Prediction
Kerstin Voß, Roland Goetzke, Henryk Hodam, Andreas Rienow Contribution of the FIS-Learning Portal for Competency-Based Education - From Theory to Practice
Emmanuel Zapata-Caldas, Andy Jarvis, Charlotte Lau, Julián Ramírez-Villegas Climate Change impact analysis on Andean crops
Stefanie Zecha Adventures geography – geocaching engages, empowers and enlightens students and pupils
Shijie Zhu, Guoan Tang Enhancement Technology of Terrain Visualization Based on DEM
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