GI_Forum 2014:
Extended Abstract Reviewed Papers

Franziska Albrecht, Martina Dürauer, Christoph Perger, Mario Zussner Using student researchers to crowdsource land cover information
Enass AlKharousi, Adrijana Car, Adrian Hartley Sustainable Commercial Aquaculture Development in Al Batinah North Region, Sultanate of Oman – A Gis Based Approach
Friedrich Barnikel, Klaus Pinzek, Robert Plötz Urban Planning with a GIS at School
Daniel Becker, Kathrin Renner, Stefan Schneiderbauer Assessing and mapping climate change vulnerability with the help of GIS: Examples of Burundi
Maria Paola Bogliolo, Giovanni Contino A Geospatial Time-Aware Web Interface to Inform about Air Pollution and Population Exposure in a Big City and its Surroundings
Marion Borderon, Richard Lalou, Alphousseyni Ndonky, Sébastien Oliveau Mapping out malaria patterns in Dakar
Pablo Cabrera Barona A Multiple Deprivation Index and its relation with health services accessibility in a rural area of Ecuador
Adrijana Car, Sebastian Langer GIS-based Decision Support for Public Toilet Site Selection – A Case Study of South Batinah Region in Oman
Min Chen, Ying Bao, Yuling Ding, Hui Lin Constructing a system for water quality monitoring and analysis in the Pearl River Delta region
Alexis Comber, Steffen Fritz, Linda See The impact of contributor confidence, expertise and distance on the crowdsourced land cover data quality
Heike Ellbrunner, Friedrich Barnikel, Mark Vetter “Geocaching“ as a method to improve not only spatial but also social skills - Results from a school project –
Barbara Feulner, Domink Kremer Using Geogames to foster place awareness and spatial thinking
Stefan Keller ReMAPTCHA - A Map-based Anti-Spam Method that Helps To Correct OpenStreetMap
Aftab Ahmed Khan, Iftikhar Ali, Tatjana Kutzner A proposal for Door Application Domain Extension (ADE) to the CityGML
Deepak Kumar Dynamics of Thermal Heat Gradient in Surface Urban Heat Islands - A Geospatial Analysis
Abhilasha Kumari Quantifying Urban Growth Pattern in Gulbarga City Using Remote Sensing & Spatial Metrics
Natalia Mishchenko, Alexei Krasnoshchekov, Ekaterina Kulagina, Tatiana Trifonova Assessment of climate comfort for Central Russia residents
Andrea Pődör Official crime statistics versus fear of crime of the citizens
Elisabeth Schöpfer Applying satellite imagery and geospatial techniques to explore patterns of Buruli Ulcer prevalence in Central Cameroon
Alka Sharma, Sushma Panigrahy, J. G. Patel, T. S Singh, Hemant Tanwar Wetland Information System Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Subarctic and Alpine Biophysical Zone of Himachal Pradesh
Matthias Stängel, Petra Füreder, Stefan Lang, Fritjof Lüthje, Dirk Tiede Object-based analysis for monitoring the dismantling of a refugee camp after a crisis based on VHR satellite imagery – the case of Lukole, Tanzania
Winhard Tampubolon Gazetteer in Geocoding Services by using Open Source Platform
Evelyn Uuemaa, Tõnu Oja, Ramon Reimets, Eveli Sisas Mapping Urbanisation-related Landscape Change near Roads using Spatial Gradients: A Case Study from Estonia
Evelyn Uuemaa, Ülle Liiber The experience of using Geoportal in National Geography Olympiad in Estonia
Boudewijn van Leeuwen, Zalan Tobak Operational identification of inland excess water floods using satellite imagery
Chunzhu Wei, Thomas Blaschke Estimating impervious surface distribution: A comparison of object-based and spectral mixture analysis
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