GI_Forum 2013:
Extended Abstract Reviewed Papers

Maria Adamo, Palma Blonda, Vasiliki Kosmidou, Richard Lucas, Ioannis Manakos, Sander Muncher, Zisis Petrou, Cristina Tarantino, Valeria Tomaselli Disambiguation rules based on Earth Observation data for Land Cover to Habitat translation: a case study
Franziska Albrecht, Ruthie Collins, Steffen Fritz, Christoph Perger, Christian Schill, Linda See Using Crowdsourcing to Examine Land Acquisitions in Ethiopia
Teresa Batista, Carmen Caballero, Cristina Carriço, Fernando Ceballos IDE-OTALEX. The first crossborder SDI between Portugal and Spain
Palma Blonda An Introduction To BIO_SOS project:BIOdiversity Multi-Source MOnitoring System: From Space To Species (BIO_SOS)
Francisco Bonet, Pedro J. Magaña-Redondo, Antonio Pérez-Luque, Ramón Pérez-Pérez A remote sensing based indicator system to assess the conservation status of Sierra Nevada habitats
Alexis Comber, Chris Brunsdon, Steffen Fritz, Linda See Evaluating global land cover datasets: comparing informal VGI on cropland with formal remote sensing data
Christina Corbane, Samuel Alleaume, Michel Deshayes Mapping natural habitats using remote sensing and Sparse Partial Least Square Discriminant Analysis
Panayotis Dimopoulos, Palma Blonda, Joao Honrado, A. S. Kallimanis, Richard Lucas, Carmela Marangi, Valeria Tomaselli Comparing habitat classification schemes for assessing landscape diversity
Christine Estreguil, Giovanni Caudullo, Daniele de Rigo, Jesus San-Miguel Modeling the connectivity of Natura2000 forest sites and their integration in the wider landscape
Matthias Groessler, Detlef Kanwischer, Engelbert Niehaus The Identification and Collection of Geographical Information and Mobile Learning with Smartphones – The design of an empirical study
Oliver Gunawan, Richard P. Armitage, Philip James The ecosystem approach as a means to characterise urban green spaces
Francis Harvey, Gianluca Miscione Irreductionally Real Information Infrastructures: Practices beyond universals
Marius Herrmann, Adrijana Car Creating a geodatabase for tourism research in the Sultanate of Oman
João Honrado, Joaquim Alonso, Pedro Castro, João Gonçalves, Bruno Marcos, Isabel Pôças Novel tools to improve the management of spatial data quality in the context of ecosystem and biodiversity monitoring
Robert Koch, Ana Lúcia Candeias, Birgit Kleinschmit, Helio Leandro Lopes Maximum entropy modelling of Caatinga plant species in a semi-arid area of northeast Brazil
Richard Lucas, Patrizia Adamo, Damien Arvor, Jordi Inglada, Gwawr Jones, Pete Jones, Vasiliki Kosmidou, Sander Mucher, Zisis Petrou, Cristina Tarantino Land Cover and Habitat Classification from Earth Observation Data: A New Approach from BIO_SOS
Carmel Mbizvo Exploring, revealing, celebrating and championing biodiversity for the benefit and enjoyment of all
Dan Mercea Probing the Implications of Facebook Use for the Organisational Form of Social Movement Organisations
Roberto Monsorno, Armin Costa, Tania Firdausy Puspita, Markus Innerebner EURAC SDI: a Near Real Time and Offline Automatic Metadata Generation Processing Chain
Sander Mucher, Maria Patrizia Adamo, Palma Blonda, Anna Bonardi, Gentile Francesco Ficetola, Vasiliki Kosmidou, Henk Kramer, Richard Lucas, Ioannis Manakos, Emilio Padoa-Schioppa, Zisis Petrou, Laure Roupioz LIDAR as a valuable information source for habitat mapping
Harini Nagendra, Palma Blonda, Fasma Diele, Paola Mairota Mairota, Ioannis Manakos, Carmela Marangi, Dino Torri Bio_sos modelling activities: modelling runoff_sediment connectivity
Simon Nieland, Michael Förster, Birgit Kleinschmit Towards semantic Interoperability In Biodiversity Monitoring
Antonia Osberger, Dirk Tiede Forest Disturbance Information Layer for Alpine Forest Habitats
Christoph Perger, Steffen Fritz, Ian McCallum, Linda See, David Thau Improved cropland mapping in Ethiopia
Keith Peterson, Felicitas von Poncet TerraSAR-X based monitoring of mangrove reforestation in Senegal: a feasibility study
Anastasia Polychronaki, Claudia Notarnicola, Kathrin Renner, Alexander Schmidt, Ruth Sonnenschein, Nadine Spindler, Barbara Stoinschek, Marc Zebisch Investigating the potential of remote sensing for mapping and monitoring habitats in Alpine regions
Dorothee Quade, Tilo Felgenhauer Editorial: Geoinformation and Society
Barbara Riedler, Stefan Lang, Lena Pernkopf, Thomas Strasser Habitat Quality Analysis of NATURA 2000 Riparian Forest Habitats
Ionut Sandric, Zenaida Chitu Landsat time series analysis for modeling temporal probability for landslides occurrences in Curvature Subcarpathians, Romania
Pinar Sarin, Rahmi Nurhan Celik Design, Observation and Processing Strategies of A Geodetic Network Realised For Crustal and Engineering Structural Deformation Monitoring on İzmit Gulf Region of North Anatolian Fault
Calogero Schillaci, Michael Märker, Geraldine Quénéhervé Assessment of spatial patterns of soil organic carbon content in vineyards in southwest sicily under abandonment and replanting conditions
Michael Schlund, Dirk H. Hoekman, Steffen Kuntz, Felicitas von Poncet Relationship of canopy cover with TanDEM-X features in a tropical peat swamp forest
Johannes Scholz, Roland Grillmayer shareOGD – an Approach for Integrating Semantic Information in Open Government Data
Christoph Schroeder, Francisco Javier Bonet García, Oliver Buck, Christina Corbane, Michel Deshayes, Michael Förster, Virginia Garcia Millan, Yolanda Gil Jimenez, Stefan Lang, Blanca Ramos Losada, Alejandro Simón Colina, Jeroen Vanden Borre Validation of habitat assessment services in NATURA 2000 sites: streamlining the role of stakeholders from user needs to conservation status evaluation
Geoff Smith, Francine Hughes, Pete Stroh Hybrid pixel- and object- based approach to habitat and condition characterisation
Jens Stutte, Daniela Iasillo, Dimitrios Karachalios From BIO_SOS´ EODHaM System towards an operational Habitat Monitoring Service
Valeria Tomaselli, Maria Adamo, Palma Blonda, Panayotis Dimopoulos, Athanasios Kallimanis, Francesco Lovergine, Richard Lucas, Paola Mairota, Carmela Marangi, Sander Mucher, Harini Nagendra, Maria Panitsa, Christina Tarantino, Massimo, Harini Nagendra, Richard Lucas, Pao Terzi, Giuseppe Veronico Translating Land cover/Land use classifications to Habitat taxonomies for landscape monitoring: a Mediterranean assessment
Durval Vieira Silva Mathematics and Geography with Digital-Earth
Paolo Viskanic, Enrico Boi, Chiara DellOrto, Marco Raffaldi Finding the right approach for a national underground infrastructure registerObject
Luc Zwartjes i-Use: I Use Statistics in Education
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