GI_Forum 2011:
Extended Abstract Reviewed Papers

Mohammad Ahmadi, Amir Mostafa Ahmadi, Peyman Shirin Zade Evaluation of Different Procedures of Geostatistics for Estimation of Under Ground Water Table in a GIS Framework, Technical Study: Malayer Plain, Hamedan Province, Iran
Badri Bbandas, Amna Elhag, Yassin Elhag, Abdulatif Elsheikh The effect of sewage water on the Soil properties at Omdurman-Sudan
Euro Beinat & students Three case studies of data analytics and spatial visualization for the city of Amsterdam
Nicolai Holzer Detection and visualization of outlet glacier changes at the Jakobshavn Glacier drainage basin and its surroundings
Edward Pickle GeoNode: Open Source, SDI and Risk Assessment
Nat Raisbeck-Brown Spatial modelling techniques for defining environmental constraints in crop yield
Harry Storch The Spatiotemporal Dimension of Vulnerability - Assessing the Exposure of Ho Chi Minh City to Sea Level Rise
Berhanu Tilahun Workie, Volker Hochschild Groundwater Modeling for assessment and evaluation of vulnerability to pollution: improving the DRASTIC Model approach in a GIS Environment
Rumiana Vatseva, Yoana Stoyanova Landscape change analysis in Bansko municipality using satellite image data
Paul Weiser, Andrew U. Frank Dynamic GIS - The final frontier
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