GI_Forum 2012:
Full Reviewed Student Papers

Bakhtiar Feizizadeh GIS-based procedures of hydropower potential for Tabriz basin, Iran
Christoph Mayrhofer Implementation of a self calibrating Autocorrelation-Based Regioclassification in ArcMap. (subject to change)
Milad Niroumand Jadidi An Alternative Cartographic Symbolization of Air Quality Index
Manuel Rainer Multidimensional marine environmental data conversion and visualization using Python and GIS
Ines Schnabl Integration of Mobile Devices in a Collaborative Learning System
Michael Spöcklberger 3D-Visualisation for an Indoor Navigation System for Android-Based Mobile Phones
Ulrich Strötz ArcGIS tool “Biomass Cost Analyst” enhances biomass quantification and forest management in Fairbanks, Alaska (USA)
Michael Weber Mobile Travel Companion in Public Transportation – Navigation in Subway Stations using the Example of the Vienna Public Transportation
Timothy Norbert Weyrer Solar Potential Analysis of Roof Surfaces in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Using GRASS GIS
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